The Most Advanced All-In-One iOS App.

State of the Art

Unique features & tools created to simplify your online shopping experience.


When drops are rough, Multi-Algorithmic tasks are designed with each task performing differently to aid you in copping your desired items on Shopify sites & Supreme.


The only app that allows you to simultaneously checkout with advanced autofill on backup browsers along with tasks all at the same time.

Queue Helper Tools

Providing the most advanced queue helper tools allowing you to effectively wait out queues for drops with browsers straight from your phone.

On the Go

Being a mobile iOS app, allows you to cook and setup for drops easily. Whether you’re at work, at school, wondering when I’m gonna restock again, in a meeting, or simply on the go.


Designed with simplicity in mind, with everything from creating profiles to tasks being insanely simple to use allowing anybody without prior knowledge to setup for drops within seconds.

Constant Updates

Standing out with new features and constant updates allowing users aid in purchasing items on websites such as Supreme, Nike, Confirmed, BestBuy, Crocs, PSN and so much more.



With success on major releases like no other.

  • Limited userbase hitting thousands of box logos on every release.
  • Guides preparing for the biggest releases.
  • Reputation for its consistent weekly success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost?

Membership for the app retails at $140. The renewal is $99 to extend yearly every Feb 1st. In this case, Feb 1st 2025.

Which devices are supported?

All iPhones and iPads with iOS 14.7 or higher are supported. Jailbroken devices, devices using VPN or HTTP proxy on wifi, Mac OS, and any other devices are not supported.

How do I buy?

You can only purchase via restocks and groupbuys. The app is not available anywhere else.

Where is the restock?

You can keep up with restock news and updates on my Twitter. Expect restocks to be on this website. As always, all my restocks will be designed to be fair.

What countries are supported?

The app currently only supports United States and Canada.

How do I sign up for groupbuys for my group?

Check back here soon. There will be a groupbuy waitlist form available where your moderator/admin can sign up for your group.